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Larry's Lines

June 01 2020

We are in a time of so much newness. Our congregations are learning how to worship as families at home, in cars, and even watching the worship service on days other than Sundays. Pastors are learning how to preach to a camera or smartphone instead of living, breathing people. We are figuring out how to be faithful stewards by giving through electronic means. 
We are even learning that some of the things that we thought were integral to our congregations might not be as important as we thought. Some congregations are finding that online small groups are reaching more people than Sunday school.
This change through crisis is not new to Christians. All we have to do is look at the book of Acts and see how the church was formed after the death of Jesus and the receiving of the Holy Spirit. What is God wanting to happen with us? How can we be changed so that more people become disciples of Jesus Christ?
I recently was made aware of a conversation by Horizon Stewardship. They listed 7 practical shifts church leaders need to consider as our culture moves forward. I have added the link below for your consideration and conversation as we are looking at in-person gatherings. I know there are many articles and videos out there; and they are full of information. Don’t let this one be a primer but rather just information for consideration.
Let’s see what God can do with this crisis by leading us to a vitality that we haven’t experienced in a while.